The original authors of the Bible, and the original readers of their documents, lived in a world very different from our own. Their language and perspective was very different from ours and if we are going to read their texts we must read it from their perspective, not from our modern twenty-first century perspective. Our own concepts of blessings, praises, and wisdom (all abstract in thought) would be completely foreign to the ancient Hebrews. Instead, they would easily associate with such ideas as kneeling down in respect, following a star and eating cheese (all concrete in thought).

If you're interested in learning more about the original Hebraic meaning of the words of Bible, and are willing to change your own perspectives of the Bible, then open the files below and get ready for a new and refreshing approach to Biblical studies.

Jeff A. Benner

Love Unity Bless Wisdom

Pray Tassels Creation Fear

Order Sabbath Flesh Perfect

Boy Command Hell